Bachata Obsesión Dance Team

The longest running Bachata performance team in the UK. Based in Cambridge. Your teachers at Wolfsday (Wolfson Latin Nights) and Bachata Obsesion Dance Academy!

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Current Choreography

"Invincible Heart" - 2017

Choreographers: Andrea & Peter Adamson

Songs: Invincible, Dueno Eterno, Somebody That I Used to Know

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Past Shows

"Shatter the Night" - 2016

Choreographers: You Yi & Emma


Performers: Peter Adamson, Emma, Scott, Andrea, DJ Dr P, Amy


Songs: Shatter Me, Right in the Night, Al Diablo


Performed at Bachata Spice, London

"Read All About It" - 2015

Choreographers: Andrea & Rajiv


Performers: Peter Adamson, Elisabetta, Rajiv, Andrea, You Yi, Emma


Song: Read All About It


Performed at 007th Sexy and Sensual Latin Dance Festival, Park Inn Hotel Heathrow

"Need You Dancer" - 2014

Choreographers: You Yi, Emma, Andrea, Rajiv


Performers: You Yi, Emma, Andrea, Rajiv, DJ Dr P, Sylwia


Songs: Need You Now, Bachata en Nuevo York, Como Tu


Performed at the 2014 Sexy and Sensual Latin Dance Festival

"Stripper Fa Sho" - 2013

Choreographers: You Yi & Emma


Performers: Anna, Emma Richardson, Fran, Emma Stanley, Reggie, Seb, DJ Dr P, Loai


Songs: Stripper Pole, Playa Fa Sho'


Performed at Robinson May Ball

"Bachata Medley" - 2012

"I Need a Girl" - 2012

Choreographer: Marie


Performers: Marie, You Yi


Song: I Need a Girl


Performed at Cambridge Spring Salsa Ball

Choreographer: Marie


Performers: Angel, Andrea, Shakeel, Marie, You Yi, Siru


Songs: Jasmine


Performed at the Ritmo Latino's Ataca & La Alemana Bootcamp