Bachata Obsesión Dance Team

The longest running Bachata performance team in the UK. Based in Cambridge. Your teachers at Wolfsday (Wolfson Latin Nights) and Bachata Obsesion Dance Academy!

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Aislinn started dancing when she was little, taking ballet lessons until she finished high school. When  Aislinn came to Cambridge to start graduate school a friend took her to the salsa and bachata lessons at Wolfson, and she fell in love with the music, although it took her a while to become comfortable with the dances!


Now Aislinn enjoy both equally, it's impossible for her to be unhappy while listening to and dancing bachata. Performing is a challenge for her, but one she is looking forward to overcoming with the team.

Aislinn Muller

Amy Yau

Amy's dancing started with the ballet classes her parents enrolled her on when she was little. She continued these lessons for 12 years, whilst occasionally dabbling in lyrical/contemporary.


When Amy went to university, she did not expect to dance much. But she came across Salsa by absentmindedly accepting a flyer shoved into her hand whilst she was wandering around the Freshers' Fayre. The taster sessions she attended in the first weeks went on to shape her university experience, and rekindled her love for dance! Amy was soon hooked; and as she frequented the London Salsa clubs, she was gradually introduced to Bachata.


Upon moving to Cambridge, Amy was eager to continue dancing, and came across the Bachata Obsesión Dance Team. She looks forward to this opportunity to improve her dancing with the team, and to show others her love for dance along the way.

Andrea Gallego Ortiz

Daria Tsybaeva

Born in Spain to Spanish and Algerian parents, music and dance have been a part of Andrea's life from a very early age. At 4 years old she began ballet classes at the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance in Madrid, where she continued to train for 14 years.


After university, Andrea decided to embrace her Algerian roots and began studying bellydance, mastering the styles of Egyptian, Tribal ATS, Tribal fusion and Hindi. She has extensive performance experience in both ballet and bellydance, including performances at the Royal Theatre of Madrid.


Growing up in Spain, Andrea was exposed to bachata music from a very early age, but it wasn't until moving to Cambridge that she first saw and fell in love with this style of dance. With her technical ballet training and the body control and fluid movement that comes from 7 years of bellydancing, Andrea is a natural bachatera!


Andrea is known for her energetic personality, her love for multiple spins and aerial lifts and tricks. When she is on the dancefloor she is emotional, fluent and soft.


Her talent and passion are undeniable, and within a month of her first bachata lesson this rising star was asked to join the Bachata Obsesión Dance Team in 2012!


Since then she has been training herself and performing nationally and internationally, also teaching weekly in Wolfson Latin Nights in Cambridge, in several Mayballs and monthly events in Cambridge.


Currently Andrea is attending Zouk classes and congresses to incorporate more difficult spins into her dance, and taking pole dancing classes as an extra to her training.

Elisabetta Naborri

Emma Kay Richardson

Inga Kocergina

Inga has been dancing since an early age, therefore dance and music have always been a big part of her life. For 10 years she did folk dancing, but in university, she found herself looking for THE dance style that attracted her. In 2006, she found something completely different and started to dance Cuban salsa. After 2 years, she joined a show group and had a chance to learn choreographies of a variety of dance styles such as cross body, Cuban salsa, reggaeton, west coast swing, bachata, bachatango and little bit of modern jazz.


Inga then took a break from dancing for a few years. But thanks to a friend, she returned to the salsa world when she moved to the UK. In 2014 Inga was offered to join a salsa club and became an assistant teacher. Inga also tried zouk and fell love with this dance style, but unfortunately could not continue with lessons due to distance issues. At the end of 2014 Inga started to learn funky/urbana bachata.


In 2015, Inga and her partner started to teach bachata as a bonus class in Corby. It was not long before they took the opportunity to start their own bachata class. Inga says it was sensual bachata that made her fall in love with this dance style, and she can't imagine her life without dancing!

Emma first became hooked on dancing several years ago, after a year of casual salsa lessons. She continued to pursue her interest in dance when she came to study in Cambridge in 2009, joining the Cambridge University Dancesport Team to compete in Ballroom and Latin.


Emma took up salsa and bachata in Cambridge in the summer of 2011, and developed a passion for both styles. She has since immersed herself in the salsa and bachata scene, joining the Bachata Obsesión Dance Team as one of its first members in late 2011.


Emma rapidly fell in love with the sensuality and smooth flow of bachata, and, as her technique and personal style developed, she began teaching classes and choreographing solo couple and group pieces with her regular dance partner, You Yi.


She has recently started competing in bachata as well, spurred on by her enjoyment of competitive ballroom Latin. Together, Emma and You Yi managed to secure the title of UKA Amateur Bachata Champions 2013.

Elisabetta has been dancing and doing yoga for around 13 years, including contemporary, hip hop, jazz, and recently bachata and salsa.


In her own words: "Rather than saying how long and how much I have been dancing, I would like to say what dancing has taught me – the deepest secrets about myself and about life. Dancing has been the most natural and magical way to look into my fears and getting close to my real self."

Daria was sent to a dance classes from the age of 6 and she fell in love with dancing. She spent six years learning tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and some national dances in the classical Russian dance school.


When she came to study in the UK, Daria took up martial arts, achieving a black belt in ju jitsu in four years. The gentle flow of the martial art often helps her to inspire new exciting dance moves and lifts. She took up salsa and bachata two years ago and dived head first into the Latin dance scene. Though partner­led dancing took some adjusting to, Daria is now also starting to learn zouk and tango.

Aislinn Amy Andrea Daria Eli Emma Inga