Bachata Obsesión Dance Team

The longest running Bachata performance team in the UK. Based in Cambridge. Your teachers at Wolfsday (Wolfson Latin Nights) and Bachata Obsesion Dance Academy!

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DJ Dr P has been trying to dance all his life- starting with Bollywood, then moving to Salsa, Ballroom & Latin, and later Kizomba and Tango. Failing to learn any of the above he decided to pursue a career in Science. His scientific career came to an abrupt end when the University of Cambridge awarded him a degree. Crestfallen, he decided to join the weekly Bachata classes in Cambridge where the instructors promised that even people with ‘two left feet’ can learn to dance Bachata. He took up the challenge and later that year joined the Bachata Obsesión Dance Team.

Jin Park

Peter Adamson

In 2015 Jin discovered dancing and has been very enthusiastic ever since. The journey started with Modern Jive and Lindy Hop but Jin soon discovered there are 7 evenings in a week, so he added more dances such as Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Kizomba, Semba and Forro.


In 2016 when an opportunity came to audition for a team he naturally welcomed the challenge, Jin: 'AND HERE I AM!", to improve his dancing.


Jin has found dancing to offer so much; expression through movements, great community, and incredible experiences.


He continues to challenge himself and improve his dancing through being open to new opportunities and trying different styles. Latest additions are tango and contemporary dance (and yes one where you roll around on the floor).

Peter Boland

Pete C

Scott O'Neill

You Yi Hwang

Seeking a change in his social schedule from a plethora of tech business networking gatherings, Pete took his first Salsa class in February 2012.


Finding dancing a welcome distraction, he progressed from a weekly Latin class to dancing at something in Cambridge or London almost daily, picking up Bachata, Lindy Hop and Blues along the way. With a preference towards informality and equality, he likes to

find the friendly, interactive and funny side of a dance.


Coming from a musical background, Pete loves to improvise with the music, letting it lead him in the accents, breaks, or at least the mood. If there is cool creative fusion of music or movement he is there, and there is plenty of that in the Bachata Obsesión team.

Peter started dancing after a random night out in São Paulo seven years ago, and has been mildly addicted ever since.


Peter enjoys dancing Bachata and Kizomba, and has taught Salsa for two years.


Performing is a relatively new challenge for him and one which he relishes.

Peter started his dancing ‘career’ in high school with Scottish country dancing, known to the world as ceilidh. It wasn’t until he moved to Cambridge in 2012 that he was dragged to his first bachata class. This led to his first attempt at salsa when he confused the music with bachata and was given the simple instruction by his dance partner of “just spin me as fast as you can”. After several more months of embarrassing dancing Peter slowly became enticed into the Cambridge dance scene. Since then, he has become an enthusiastic salsa and bachata dancer, occasionally ignoring his PhD in favour of attending an interesting bachata congress or seminar.


He was miraculously accepted onto the Bachata Obsesión Dance Team in 2014, where he hopes they can actually teach him how to dance.

Scott says: "There is not so much to say about my dancing history."


Previously, Scott was more interested in football, watching tv and going out with his friends, but then he decided to do something different in his spare time and started learning salsa 3 years ago. This was his first experience of dancing but not my last!


A year later, Scott tried bachata and knew straight away that this was the dance style he really enjoyed and wanted to learn more about it. Scott then began teaching salsa to beginners as well as bachata to improvers. Recently, Scott, along with his life/dance partner, took the opportunity to start their own bachata class and now they put their heart and soul into teaching others this addictive dance style.

You Yi first started learning ballroom and salsa 7 years ago, and picked up bachata along the way on the dance floor. During his studies in the USA, You Yi choreographed and performed as part of the Duke University Latin dance team, Sabrosura, for 3 years, and was also co-director of the team in his final year. He has competed and placed nationally in Latin/ballroom in the USA, and as part of the Cambridge University Dancesport Blues Team. Since arriving in Cambridge in 2010, You Yi has continued to dance salsa and bachata recreationally; a year ago, he became part of the Bachata Obsesión group, helping to organise the Wolfson Latin Nights.


You Yi's patience and clear instruction make him an excellent teacher, and he frequently teaches both salsa and bachata. He is constantly seeking new moves to challenge himself, and enjoys dancing with new people in the hopes of spreading his love of dance!


You Yi's dance style is unconventional, inspired by his innate creativity, and drawing upon the multitude of Latin dance styles to which he has been exposed. His sharp, refined body movements, unique musicality and flair for performance add passion and dynamism to his dancing!


You Yi has recently started competing with his partner Emma and is honoured to have won the UKA Amateur Bachata Championships 2013. It has also been a particular thrill to have been able to perform their own solo choreography in London twice. They have also competed in the finals of the National BachataStars competition in 2014 and 2015.


Christian Boehm


Christian has danced International Standard and Latin for over a decade, training and competing with university teams at Cambridge, Harvard, and Kyoto.


Participating in a flashmob one year ago, he fell in love with Brazilian Zouk, and had a go at Bachata soon after.


As member of the Bachata Obsesión Dance Team, he now strives to break himself out of his well-honed ballroom frame.



Mark was always more keen on the dance floor than the bar on nights out. Fast forward a few years after university, and he eventually tries a little Ceroc but discovered he has the hips better suited for Latin dances. He initially focused on Salsa, and Mark particularly favoured dancing on 5 with a fairly jolty lead and a bonus beginners bounce. As the years passed by, this improved somewhat. Then he took a year off to go travelling, and had forgotten more things than he could remember.


To keep things fresh, he started to pick up Bachata. Basically, this started out as a big hug with background music. Eventually, actual dance moves would break out.


Mark moved from London and found a new home in Cambridge. He joined the Bachata Obsesion group in 2016 for a new set of challenges.


His dancing journey has been going for around 9 years already but it has always been a happy place.